Voice Traffic Trading

Signature is a deal management tool, providing full control of the deal process from negotiation through to amendments of ongoing deals. Integrated approval work flow ensures full audit trail capabilities. Centralised management of deals allows sales teams and back office functions to have the same view of the business.


Deals are modelled quickly and with great flexibility in Signature. A fairly complex deal can be input in a matter of minutes through the intuitive user interface. With all reference data available from the Trading platform, the deal will always be constructed with accurate and up-to-date information.


Keeping track of a deal’s position is crucial in order to understand if and when actions need to be taken in order to secure deal profitability. Tracking is done through intuitive dashboards using actual traffic and financial data, displaying the KPIs necessary to grasp the state of deals at a glance.


The best way to improve deal performance is to learn from historical data and understand what can be done differently moving forward. When a deal has ended, post deal reports are generated which highlights the deal performance compared to the projected outcome.

Automate Your Voice Deal Management

  • Streamlined deal modeling
  • Customisable approval workflow
  • Automated net cost handling
  • Multi-currency capability
  • OBR Support
  • Live deal tracking
  • Shortfall and overshoot alerts
  • Track changes over deal period
  • Subsidisation for outgoing traffic
  • Grace period alerts
  • Email, SMS and in-app notifications
  • Post deal reporting

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