What we do

Signa operates in three areas, thriving on the creativity in the intersection of disciplines
This is where we distinguish ourselves from the rest - We like to be different!


Providing consulting services
for IT development and maintenance


Offering products and services
to the telecommunications industry


Actively engaging with
up and coming businesses

Where ideas come together

Consultants with edge

Our consultants have proven track records of achieving results that make a difference
With in-house expertise and access to a wide network of knowledge leaders we build your dream team

We provide experienced managers to temporarily fill C-level positions for SMEs and director level positions in larger enterprises.

Our management consultants are strong leaders and will understand complex challenges and organisations in a short time frame.

We provide program/project managers for complex IT and business transformation. We offer traditional project management as well as agile coaching and project support functions.

Many IT projects have significant procurement components. Signa can assist with solution evaluation and contract negotiations.

We provide solution architects, primarily in the OSS/BSS stack for CRM, mediation, billing and other high volume transaction solutions.

Signa specialises in supporting the international carrier business with some of the leading industry experts in billing and trading systems.

We provide business analysts to capture IT requirements and business process impact, and can assume the role of solution owner during projects with an end-to-end perspective.

We have a proactive IT system maintenance team which also assists in establishing processes and organisations for new IT objects.

We conduct pre-studies and Quick Look Assessments for business systems or processes. Our studies are used as input parameters for subsequent projects with IT and business process impact.

We provide test managers and testers for IT projects - traditional and agile.

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Powerful tools for insight

Our proven wholesale carrier solution for complex agreements gives our customers added edge
Carriers can optimise the deal business without adding administration

Deal management offers easy to use tools for negotiation, profit projection, accurate data capture and management of the approval process.

Deal rating handles the many complexities of carrier agreements. EDRs are processed and enriched with agreement information in real time, allowing for continuous, accurate reporting on the status of an agreement.

Rerating and recalculation based on retroactive adjustments are handled seamlessly without user interaction.

Deal dashboards offer a holistic view of a carrier's entire deal business with intuitive reporting and enhanced visibility on events requiring action.

Critical insight into deal performance is provided throughout its life cycle, with detailed follow up analysis for continuous improvements.

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The push to grow

History is full of great ideas and innovations that failed for lack of capital and business skills
We take our passion for innovation into bringing interesting ideas to the market

Signa actively invests and supports up and coming businesses. We bring our collective experience to different projects that we feel strongly about.

Please reach out to us if you have an interesting project that we can get excited about, profit or nonprofit.

TouristSim is a global reseller of prepaid SIM cards, allowing travelers to use their mobile devices abroad without incurring excessive roaming costs.

The Signa team are people who love travel, communication and technology. We have many years of hands-on-experience in Telecommunications. We know what's important when selecting a Mobile Operator and are not fazed by the challenge of doing business in a foreign language and in complex environments.

www.touristsim.com - Divested

In the face of softSIMs introduction to handsets and regulations like Roam like Home, Signa decided to divest the TouristSim engagement in late 2016.

Safebase is a sensory systems innovation allowing continous monitoring of changes in body weight, sleep quality and presence in bed. The system gives health care providers tools for prevention of conditions such as pressure wounds, nutritional issues and quick interventions in cases of fall related injuries.

Health data is visualised and logged without compromising personal integrity. Data on weight, sleep quality, time in and out of bed and verified visits from night staff are made available with objective reports.

www.safebase.se (Swedish)

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Meet the team

With experience from diverse industries, our team brings the best ideas together

Shanth Kumar - Head of Technology Signa

Shanth is the technical and solution architect managing the product development at Signa. He brings over 10 years of experience across the globe in the telecom industry as technical and solution architect with expertise in wholesale billing.


Marcus Bergendahl - Head of Products Signa

Marcus is managing the Signa product portfolio for the carrier interconnect business. With the Signature suite, Signa supports international telecom wholesalers with a state of the art solution for managing complex agreements.

He brings over 15 years of experience from the telecoms industry as a project manager and IT maintenance manager with business and IT expertise within mediation and wholesale trading.


Christopher Höglund - Business Manager Touristsim

Christopher is the business manager of Touristsim, a Signa company. Touristsim is a global business that brings people freedom of speech through prepaid sim cards.

Christopher has solid experience as business manager in the prepaid gift card industry. His experience in retail and online marketing is crucial in broadening the footprint of touristsim.


Priya Shanth - Business Consultant Signa

Priya is a business consultant with expertise in the international carrier industry. With exceptional attention to detail, coupled with a strong ability to learn new things fast, she is quickly mastering the areas of trading and routing.


David Heidenberg - Product Specialist

David is a product specialist for pre-paid SIM cards and works with customer care for our traveling customers. With his knowledge of the global mobile industry, he supports customers in qualifying mobile services at our various TouristSim destinations.


Where ideas
come together